An enthusiastic pro-Miami Heat crowd gathered at the bar last night to cheer on their beloved team to victory and the Heat did not disappoint their fans.

Game 7 was everything we expected it to be: a tight back-and-forth game with numerous lead changes and a dramatic finish.  The San Antonio Spurs took it to the Heat throughout the series but at the end of the night, it was Miami hoisting up their second straight trophy, much to the delight of Heat fans in Miami and here in New York City.

So as the Heat celebrated their victory, we saw a jubilant celebration at the bar by Heat fans and more specifically, members of the DolfansNYC Club, who, due to our closing, will be locating to a new location for next season.  So it was appropriate to see them celebrate a Heat NBA Championship in their last appearance at Third and Long.  We want to thank the DolfansNYC Club for their loyalty and choosing to make Third and Long their home the past few years.  We opened our doors to them when they had no place to go, and watched them grow from a few in number to a large, vibrant organization that's well known throughout the country.  We wish them nothing but continued success at their new location (Slattery's Midtown Pub).  Good luck guys!

Now that the NBA season is officially over, we look forward to Game 5 of the Stanley Cup, on what is our last official weekend in business.  Of course, we'll air the game (Saturday, 8pm w/audio), so get here early!  It's also Fête nationale du Québec Weekend for our friends from  the North,  so we wish them the very best.  It should make for a busy and memorable weekend.  If you're around during the weekend, feel free to stop in for a celebratory pint (or two).


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