Friday, September 16, 2005


It's always interesting to see what happens when people meet for the first time. As I arrived for work last night, I noticed that there were various members of the "blog gallery" hanging about. At one end of the bar we had ANGEL, HASHBROWNIE and NAPOLEON DYNAMYTE (of the Sunday Football Crew); and towards the middle of the bar you had MR. TANQUERAY, THE POPE of MURRAY HILL and MASTER THESPIAN among others. MR. THESPIAN had just gotten off his shift and was hanging out with the boys when he introduced them to the crazy crew at the end of the bar. After the introductions it was as if everyone knew each other for years. The bantering and humerous word play between all parties was a sight to behold. The whole group ended up hanging out for a few hours in which many shots were had, loud chorus of laughter could be heard throughout. A couple of things of note:

1) I think a drinking challenge was made by ANGEL and HASHBROWNIE to the so-called "wild girls" who came by the bar last Sunday. These two apparently took offense at the thought that these "newbies" would actually think that they could come in and take over their turf as the queens of Sunday afternoons. This should be interesting. I think I also overheard something about a skimpy ref costume being worn this weekend. Hmmm....

2)HASHBROWNIE apparently has a second job as an airline stewardess as she went around to different guys and asked the simple question "Window or aisle seat?" If you were lucky enough to say "window seat", you got the dubious pleasure of getting your face "smushed" between her lush round "puppies"..... I think I sustained a concussion or turbulance, if you will.

3)MR. BLIND DATE made a brief appearance and immediately made references about wanting to get a piece of ANGEL.... I didn't have the heart to tell him that he didn't have a snowball's chance in hell, especially with the Prime Minister TONY BLAIR in attendance.

4) I was lucky enough to aquire some "swag" from MR. LOW-KEY, another "low-key" member of the Third and Long family. He always stops by the bar, has an apple martini (or three) and takes in all of the shennanigans, without making his presence known. Let me clarify that: we all know him, but he never gets caught up in the craziness...hence the nickname MR. LOW-KEY. In any case, he'd just returned from a work function and hooked me up with a pretty cool gift bag from said function. That's always nice. And did I happen to mention that he's one hell of a cook? In the past he's dropped off "samples" of his work, including shrimp scampi, pasta, and other good stuff that I often find myself fighting the staff over. He's definately a good egg.

OK, I'm keeping it short today as I am a bit under the weather. Don't forget HAPPY HOUR tonite ($3 Domestic Drafts/$5 Appletinis, Cosmos and Margaritas from 5-9pm); Saturday is "KICK THE KEG" AFTERNOONS with $2 mugs all beers on tap from 12-8pm (ESPN GAMEPLAN for all of your college football action); And finally- FANTASY FOOTBALL SUNDAYS (with yours truly), with $3 Domestic Drafts all day long! Enjoy the weekend!



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I feel like crap today.

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