Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I spent the majority of Tuesday running errands for the bar; when I wasn't doing that, I found myself spending time with our new day bartender, MEAN GENE, showing him the routine of the day. Now he isn't really a mean guy; he's actually quite nice. And by sheer coincidence (on a number of levels), it turns out that we know some of the same people. His next door neighbor was a very good college buddy of mine. Another buddy of his was a college roommate of one of the co-owners. Another friend of his somehow has a connection with H.B.E.... talk about six degrees of seperation. I'm sure that KEVIN BACON fits in there somewhere.

I was actually supposed to work last night; however, I forgot to tell my replacement doorman that he wasn't needed last night. So when he arrived from Brooklyn, ready to work, I decided to let him work. It was just as well, as I was able to use the time to catch up on some paperwork and relaxation. I ended up catching a movie on cable called JESUS' SON (w/BILLY CRUDUP). It was a quirky, yet intriguing flick about a wanderering fuck up who eventually becomes enlightened by life. When I say "quirky", I do mean Q-U-I-R-K-Y; yet entertaining. While watching the movie, I somehow got an urge to go home. I miss the family and i'm long overdue for a trip back to the motherland, so I think now is as good a time as any.

I also caught some show on BBC America called NY-LON (pronounced "nylon"). It was one of those romantic comedy/drama types about an American chick and a Brit boy who try to forge a long-distance relationship. It was actually pretty cool in that it was shot in a split-screen kind of funky way. Not bad. And of course, my night wouldn't have been complete without a re-run of FOOTBALLER'S WIVES (and its gratuitous T & A content). All in all, a low-key evening for the SWANFATHER.

IPOD NIGHT is upon us again w/$3 HEINEKEN/AMSTEL LIGHT pints for all. We also now have DOS EQUIS on tap so be sure to try it out.

That's it for now; Check back again later for more updates!


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