I apologize for not posting yesterday.  I spent the majority of the day working on bar-related projects which included multiple meetings with vendors, minor repairs and a visit to that dreaded place called HOME DEPOT.

DIY groupies love Home Depot for the wealth of supplies, gadgets and products it offers.  I, on the otherhand, HATE going to Home Depot.  Whenever I enter a Home Depot, I immediately feel overwhelmed by the place.  I feel like the walls lined with tools and fixtures are going to cave in on me whenever I walk down one of the cavernous aisles.  And whenever I get to a shelf containing something I want, the number of choices are so many that I find my eyes glazing over.  I hate it.  Simply hate having anything to do with this place.  But sometimes you have to do what you have to do.  So I get in and out of there as quick as possible.

In any case, all of the meetings and time spent at the Depot pretty much took up my whole day.  During all of this, of course, we found ourselves dealing with the wrath of Mother Nature.  Seriously, who pissed her off?  One day we get a snowstorm; no sooner do we recover from that we get a monsoon.  What's next?  A plague of locusts?  Damn.  Yesterday's mini-monsoon scared everyone off the block as practically every establishment on 3rd Avenue was emptier than a church in the Wild Wild West.  You name it, practically every restaurant, bar, coffee shop, diner and street corner was devoid of human contact.  Really weird.  I'm expecting a rebound today as the weather should be much better.  Let's hope so at least.

Meanwhile, on another more cheerful front, a little over a week to go before NHL ALL-STAR Weekend!  Whoop, whoop! Unless I get hit by a truck between now and then, yours truly should be there live and in person, enjoying er, I mean reporting on the highlights of All-Star Weekend and bringing back the scoop to you. More to come!

PUB TRIVIA returns tonight with a new theme: "2010: The Year in Review".  Join us tonight for a night of pop trivia fun, with great prizes up for grabs!  It's geared for teams (1-6 members per team) of friends, co-workers or random strangers for that matter! Awesome drink specials on tap ($15 Miller High Life buckets & $4 Mixed Well Drinks for Ladies) all night long!

Trivia starts at 8pm but we always recommend that you get there earlier to secure a spot for you and your team (space fills up quickly)!


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You get rain in January? I'm looking at 14 degrees in Milwaukee. I'd take the rain no problem.

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