Murray Hill (better known as "The Hill") has always been known as one of the safest neighborhoods in Manhattan.  While the rest of the city seems to be going to hell in a handbasket, "The Hill" remains relatively serene, except for the occasional instance of drunken frat boys being idiots on the weekends. So to experience what we've experienced over the past couple of days, it's certainly raised some eyebrows.

There was the huge accident on Saturday night on East 36th/3rd Ave.  Four vehicles, lots of injuries, tied-up traffic for what seemed to be hours, a total shit show.

Then last night, there was a commotion across the street from the bar.  Some homeless guy was engaged in an argument with the bodega owner and it got a bit testy.  The guy kept leaving and going back to the store and just before things escalated into a full scale brawl, the cops showed up and broke things up.  

Just when I thought everything was cool, something else happened; Once again on East 36th Street (between 3rd Ave & Lexington), there was this loud commotion at around 3:30am.  Tons of police cars, fire trucks, ambulances; While I couldn't see exactly what was going on from my window, I knew it was something serious.  And sure enough, it was.  Apparently a cop, upset about a relationship gone bad, took his own life in front of an apartment building on that block, around the corner from us.  Read the full story HERE.  That's insane.  Sad, but insane.

Is this an isolated occurrence or is a sign that the world is going to end this weekend as it's been recently advertised? Again, we never see such things taking place around here so one could theoretically wonder.. Hmmm....

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