It's a casual Wednesday afternoon at the bar.  One in which I THOUGHT would be relatively quiet; one in which I THOUGHT I would be able to get some work done.

Instead I walk into a bar filled with NYU grads, celebrating the end of school.  While that in of itself isn't necessarily a bad thing,  it is when you're trying to meet with vendors or do paperwork and the group of 20-plus grads decide to congregate around your table.  WTF!  Now don't get me wrong, I truly appreciate any business that I can get in the dead of the afternoon. But when you have a group of 20-30 people and you pretty much have the run of the whole place to yourself, do you really have to pile up next to me and practically sit in my lap?  Really?

 A relatively empty bar and everyone chooses to hover around me!  Hello!

While I find myself crammed into my corner spot (and I'm not giving up my spot so it's become a battle of wills between me and the NYU students), I am stuck with staring out the window at The Professor while he makes his bank, peddling copies of the Daily News, NY Post and recycled free issues of the Village Voice.

I swear, this 97-year-old crackpot is an accident waiting to happen. How he's survived this long, I'll never know. East 35th Street is very busy during the day as it is right off the Midtown Tunnel. Cars and trucks come barreling around the turn all the time and on more than one occasion I've seen vehicles swerve to avoid hitting him. Yet he remains there, totally oblivious to the danger he's in or the potential accidents he can cause just by standing there trying to sell FREE papers!  People try every day to get him out of the street, even the cops try to chase him off.  But within a few minutes, he's right back out there, rain, sleet, snow and hail, a crazy accident waiting to happen.

Now the storm clouds have unleashed and we're currently getting pounded with rain.  But it seems to be letting up in time (hopefully) for Pub Trivia tonight (8pm).  I am expecting to see a lot of old-timers in the house tonight, ready to reclaim their throne as Trivia champs, so all of you newbie teams look out!  Buckets of Full Sail Session Red or Black Ale (5/$20) are on tap as well as $4 Mixed Well Drinks for the ladies, ALL NIGHT LONG!  You can also catch Game 2 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals (Miami vs Chicago, 8:30pm) as well as Game 2 of the NHL Western Conference Finals (Vancouver vs San Jose, 9pm).  

Should be a great night.  Definitely better than the day I've had so far!


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