Before I start with the recap i want to go on record by saying that if Mother Nature was a guy, I'd punch him in the face.  Between the brutal winter and the non-existent spring we're having so far, it's been almost impossible to plan anything.  What the hell?

This past weekend a blur of activity, dating back with Thursday's fun-filled edition of Pub Trivia, followed by a captivating Game 7 between Detroit and San Jose.  We had a lot of newbies in the house for the event and plenty of hockey fans who were there for the game and ended up participating in the Trivia event.  We even had an appearance by the NY Rangers' BRANDON PRUST, who came in with MATT LONG and a couple of other buddies.

We also hosted a fundraiser for Inner City Teens on Thursday night!

The weekend saw the annual rivalry meeting between the NY Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Normally this is kind of a big deal as both teams (and their fans) hate each other.  But for some reason, the buzz for this year's series seemed to be missing.  I don't know if it was because of the poor start by the Red Sox, or the more recent let down by the Yankees; either way, it definitely showed in the lighter-than-normal turnout for the games.  It was so lame that no one seemed to mind when I put the audio on the Bruins/Lightning game on Saturday night.  (The Red Sox ended up sweeping the Pinstripes anyways).

 There was also a pretty sick car accident late Saturday night that had 3rd Avenue snarled up in traffic for at least an hour.  From what I could put together, there were at least 4 vehicles involved, including two NYC cabs and a SUV, and plenty of fire trucks, police and ambulances.  It was so intense that the SUV ended up on the sidewalk, facing out onto the street.  It was pretty intense.  I would post pictures but me being the only person without an IPhone, can't seem to upload the pics from my crappy Playskool cellular phone.  Epic FAIL.

As for the rest of the weekend, it was filled with the usual potpourri of laughs, random observations, some "WTF?" incidents and a great Sunday Funday.  Along the way I got to play catch up with a lot of old friends and enjoy some great laughs with my staff.  I can't say enough about them, they make life working at a bar infinitely easier.  Some places are cursed with staff that don't give a shit about anyone or anything.  I can proudly say that our group is quite the opposite in that they genuinely care about each other as well as the bar and it's regulars.  That's extremely rare in this business.

And to cap off my weekend, I had a nice contingent of hockey fans in the bar to watch the Sharks/Canucks game.  A couple of Sharks fans, a disgruntled Red Wings fan, a fellow Habs fans and myself ended up striking up a great conversation about the Game and when a group of hot female Canucks fans strolled in after the game, it was the icing on the cake. So overall, while it wasn't the busiest of weekends, it was steady and more importantly, it was fun.

TONIGHT: Games n Mugs Night!  With $1 Bud/Bud Light & Southern Tier Hop Sun mugs and $2 mugs, all other DOMESTIC drafts (5pm-close)!  It's a night for baseball as basketball & hockey have the night off.  Catch the Yankees, Mets and your favorite team, thanks to the MLB Extra Innings package!

Now if you'll excuse me, I got a cold I have to fight off.  Enjoy the day!


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Jeff said...

I really wish I lived in Manhattan sometimes so I could pop on in and watch hockey especially when their is a Ranger hanging at the bar.