So you didn't get a post from me the last couple of days, not because of lack of trying on my part.  It seems that BLOGGER, the portal that I use to bring you the news of the day, was out of service.  Why? Who knows.  But it was out of whack and as a result, not only could I not post the recap of Wednesday's fundraiser event, it lost my draft of the post.  So basically I'd have to re-write it all over again, as well as last night's Pub Trivia night (which was good times, highlighted by a special guest appearance by a current member of the New York Rangers).  And quite frankly, Mr. Shankly, I don't have time to do that at the moment.  So you'll have to wait until tomorrow for me to post those recaps.

In the meantime, need I remind you that the Red Sox are in town this weekend?  Whoopity Do Dah.  Yes, the rivalry picks up where it left off tonight with the Yankees playing host to their dreaded rivals from the northeast.  First pitch is at 7pm.  Meanwhile, the NY Mets are on the road vs Houston this weekend, starting with a game tonight (8pm).  Seeing that we ARE the bar that carries all the games that mean something, you can catch both tonight, as well as the Memphis/Oklahoma City playoff game live!  $4 Hometown NY Lager pints are up for grabs during tonight's viewing.

Last night's Game 7 between Detroit and San Jose was one for the ages.  Going into this game, I fully expected to see San Jose complete their usual meltdown and lose the series.  However, they showed me a little something, taking the fight to the Red Wings and keeping their composure as Detroit battled back to make it a close contest.  Detroit showed me a lot as well, fighting back from elimination time and time again to almost pulling the series out from under the Sharks.  But it wasn't meant to be as San Jose finally shook the 800lb gorilla known as Detroit off of their backs and moving on to the Western Conference finals vs Vancouver, beginning this Sunday night (8pm w/audio).

In the meantime, Boston kicks off the Eastern Conference Finals vs Tampa Bay on Saturday night (8pm) and we're hosting a Viewing Party for that game, with Labatt Blue or Molson Canadian Buckets (5/$20) during the game!

Enjoy the weekend!

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