Yesterday we saw rain fall in epic proportions (2-3 inches at last count) on our fair city.  So much rain in fact, that you couldn't fault anyone if they went straight home from work or school.  But that didn't deter the hardcore followers of our weekly Pub Quiz Night, who managed to evade puddles the size of Lake Erie to make it in time for the event.

Interleague Play begins this weekend in baseball, which means one thing: The Subway Series kicks off between the NY Yankees and NY Mets. Now in years past, the Subway Series has always been approached with much fanfare both by the fans and by the media.  But for some reason, this year's Subway Series seems to have lost of some of its luster, or so it seems.

Now I haven't heard much about this year's edition of the Subway Series at all in the media nor have I heard much chatter from fans about the upcoming games this weekend.  I wonder if it has anything to do with the teams fortunes on and off the field.  One has to wonder: Has the luster of Interleague Play in general has finally worn off?  I can say for myself that I'm no longer into it like I once was.  It's become too common.  Maybe if they were to bring it back, say every four years, fans would get into it again.  But the way it's set up now, I think may have run its course.  What do you think? Let's see what happens this weekend.

FILE UNDER: "Another reason why I love Hockey". If you were one of the many fans watching the Canucks/Sharks playoff game, you may OR may not have seen this take place.  I'll set the stage for you: Sharks player Ben Eager was just called for a penalty and sent to the penalty box.  Normally when you're sent to the "Box" in Vancouver, you're met with playful taunts by the now famous "Green Men" (see right).

In last night's game however, The Green Men weren't at the game as they couldn't afford tickets (NOTE- Vancouver Canucks PR office gotta step up and hook these guys up btw! Free advertising!).  So, instead of having The Green Men in their usual spot to "chastise" Eager during his time in the "Sin Bin", Ben Eager was treated instead to THIS:

This feed was aired live in Canada, but not here in the United States (Versus must have caught it in time).  I bet the Canucks' PR staff will have tickets waiting for The Green Men for the next home game.

TONIGHT: "Molson Twin Thursdays" featuring  Molson Canadian bottles (2/$7), 7-11pm!  Game 3, Boston vs Tampa Bay (8pm), Game 2, Oklahoma City vs Dallas (9pm) plus all the baseball you can swing a bat at!

That's it for now!   Cheers!


Harry Ballstein said...

The video was removed from You Tube, but those titties were Tits.

swandad said...

just found a PG version, but not quite the same. Boo.

Anonymous said...

deadspin.com has a still of it with Eager Ben checking them out.

(not sure if the link will work)