One of the things I love about NYC is that at any given moment, you can come across a celebrity sighting.  Whether it be someone from the "A" list or some token reality TV star, there's a chance that at some point during your time here in the Big Apple, you'll bump into someone that you've seen on TV or the big screen.

Last night we had such an encounter.  A few of us were sitting at the bar taking in the end of the Oklahoma City/Dallas basketball playoff game when I happened to look out the window and saw a beautiful Jaguar pull up in front of the bar.  Just as I was about to turn back to the game I see the driver jump out of the car and sure enough, it was Danny Aiello. A famous character actor who's been in plenty of movies over the years but none that you can think of off the top of your head (I'll give you a few: "Do the Right Thing", "City Hall", "Once Around", "The Professional", "Moonstruck",etc), he looks great for his age (78).  He and a buddy popped into Jackson Hole for a quick bite, then came outside and posed for pics with some of our customers.  He was very accommodating to the patrons, and very down to earth, which is always nice to see.

We also hosted another edition of "Hockey This Week" right before the start of the Boston Bruins/ Tampa Bay Lightning game (won by Boston, 3-1).  The guys from "HTW" are a great bunch of guys who bring a lot of energy to the bar and we always like to have them around.

TONIGHT:  DOLLAR DRAFT MADNESS rules the night, with $1 Bud/Bud Light mugs flowing ALL NIGHT LONG!  Catch the Yankees vs Blue Jays (7pm), Mets vs Cubs (8pm), Bulls vs Heat (8:30p) & Canucks vs Sharks (9pm)!

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