I found myself working the door last night for our weekly Pub Trivia Night, which was cool.  Along with our weekly Trivia event, we also hosted a fundraiser for Breast Cancer.  Normally trying to coordinate two events at the same time can be a royal pain in the ass.  You have to make sure the needs of the two groups are being met, and depending on the personalities/egos involved, it could be a royal nightmare.

Luckily for us, the person who hosted the fundraiser (Rachel Davidson) was great!  She was organized, outgoing and a sweetheart.  People like that are great to work with and makes your job easier.  You want folks like her to succeed with their event so you do whatever you can to make it happen.  As a result, she had a great turnout and raised a lot of money for her project.  And a lot of her guests stuck around for Trivia, which was a win-win for everyone.  Once again, good times for a good cause.

TONIGHT: We're hosting a "meetup" for the online gaming site OnLive.com.   There's a big gaming convention in the city and OnLive is one of the featured attendees of the convention with a lot of fans.  So they will be having a gathering at our place in which you'll get to meet the "Big Dawgs" of OnLive as well as enjoy giveaways, pizza, drink specials, etc.  So if you are a fan of online gaming, you may want to swing by.  We're also getting a visit from HEINEKEN and their lovely spokesmodels (10pm).  I'm sure you'll get some cool swag from them too!

In the meantime, I'm in the process of taking care of some last minute preparations for our big Quebec Day Party, taking place tomorrow night.  I'm expecting another raucous crowd and if it's anything like last year's event.... oy vey!  There is a lot still left to do between today and tomorrow night's event, so you know that my head's spinning.  I'm confident that everything will fall into place.  It's still stressful though!

Ok, that's it.  Gotta go.  It's raining cats and dogs outside and I got a lot of running around to do.  Tonight's our "After-Work Happy Hour" ($4 domestic drafts/mixed well drinks, 5-10pm), so swing by and jump start the weekend with us!


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