And so it begins.  We've been caught up in our first "official" heatwave since Saturday and just when you hoped that we would finally catch a break, things are only going to get worse.  Between today and Saturday we're probably going to eclipse the 100 degree mark.  100 freakin' degrees!

To put into context how hot it is right now, I walked out of the bar, walked upstairs one flight and came back down five minutes later, drenched in sweat.  I feel for anyone who has to work outside today; the NYPD, the FDNY, ConEd, cable and phone guys, etc.  They are definitely earning their pay today.

Of course, with everyone doing what they can to stay cool, one can't help but to worry about the power situation.  All those air conditioners and fans running at the same time.  How much of a strain will it put on the city's aging system remains to be seen but one thing is for sure: The last thing anyone wants is a blackout.  That would be beyond torture.  I would not be that surprised to see folks making a beeline out of the city to escape the heat, that's for sure.

Last night's Pub Trivia was filled with a lot of new faces again, as quite a few of our regulars made their  way over to the Meadowlands Stadium for a concert featuring some band called U2.  In any case, everyone in attendance had a great time with the theme of the night ("Vacation"), and a new champion was crowned.

Staying cool on a hot summer night!

TWITTER UPDATE:  As many of you know, I've embraced Twitter and find myself on there, not only for myself (@swandad, btw), but for the bar as well (@thirdandlongnyc).  I've met a lot of cool folks on there, whether it be through my affiliation with Third and Long, the NHL or the Montreal Canadiens. Of course, I also follow my fair share of famous folks, though in my case, my list of "celebs" usually revolve around sports figures, especially in the hockey world, because that's my thing.  I'l make an occasional comment on their page from time to time, but more often than not, I don't really expect to hear back from them.  I mean, most of these guys are followed by thousands of people.

That being said, I came across the page of Samantha Brown, hostess of various travel shows on the Travel Channel.  She is one of my favorites on the Channel, which I watch religiously and I noticed recently that she hadn't been on.  So I asked if she was still on the air and that I missed seeing her on TV.  Imagine my surprise when she responded to my tweet! I was impressed. Yeah I know, kinda cheezy, but I'm not going to lie, it was a mini-highlight of my day.

TONIGHT: Kick off the weekend with our "After-Work Happy Hour", featuring $4 domestic drafts/well drinks & sangria (5-10pm)!  NY Yankees vs Tampa Bay (7pm)!



Anonymous said...

I think we're just getting over the heat wave (topped out at 97) but the humidity was higher than it is in Miami. I was driving to work in shorts and a t-shirt only to change when I got to work. Wasn't even fun to go outside to smoke.

B to the...

Brodsky Organization said...

But alas, the heat wave has broken for a bit! The upside of the heat wave? City dwellers eagerly scurry to some (great) local watering holes with A/C to escape the sweltering temperatures. Hence, a busy night a trivia =)