Just spent the majority of the day running errands for the bar and you don't need me to tell you how hot it is outside.  It's so hot outside that I had to double up on my Goldbond medicated powder intake.  It's HELLA HOT!  Simply brutal.

And while I can bitch and complain about the oppressive heat, I also feel bad for some of the homeless folks out there with no place to shelter themselves from the heatwave.  I saw this guy walking down East 34th Street today wearing a winter coat, jeans, old Timberland boots and looking understandably miserable.  I bought him a large cold bottle of water, hoping to give him some respite from what he was dealing with today.  It was the least I could do.  I'm glad our AC situation is okay, though I am still worried about any possible brown-out/black-out situations that may arise during the week. That would be a disaster for everyone in the neighborhood.

Yesterday I boldly predicted that Team USA would prevail over Japan in the Women's World Cup Final.  Of course, my picking the USA team was the kiss of death as Japan pulled out an improbable win during the penalty kick phase of the match.  I feel bad for Team USA as they really wanted to win this Cup to get out from under the shadow of their predecessors (the Mia Hamm Era).  At the same time, they had plenty of opportunity to put Japan away but they didn't take advantage of them and it came back to bite them in the arse.  Great job by Japan for not giving up and taking the fight to the USA team.  They deserved their win and I'm sure it's a great boost to the country's morale after everything they've been through in the last 6 months.  Great job by both teams actually as they were able to bring much needed attention to the Women's game.

In the meantime, join us for a night of baseball, $2 domestic draft mugs and 2-for-1 Wine/Sangria by the Glass all night long!  The AC's flowing nicely and it's probably better than sitting in a hot apartment!


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