Yesterday the bars, restaurants and bodegas of New York City were in up in arms after hearing of a report from the Mayor's Office of plans to reduce the number of booze establishments in the city.  His reasoning (as Emperor of the City): there were too many binge and underage drinkers.  This of course, upset a broad spectrum of people, from industry types to the regular Joe, tired of the Mayor imposing his will on what he thinks the city needs, time and time again.  He has a track record of imposing his will onto the citizens of NYC: The Smoking Law, Trans-Fats in restaurants, The amount of salt you're allowed to eat, etc.  But when he came up with this ridiculous idea to cut back on the number of places selling alcohol, we'll you can imagine the backlash that came with that nonsense. (Original article can be found here)

Well it seems that Hizzoner woke up today and came to his senses (see article here).  He's apparently backed off on his grandiose plan to curb alcohol sales.  Not sure what caused him to do it, but it was a wise move.  If you have issues with binge and underage drinkers, there are other ways to attack the problem.  But to reduce the number of bars and establishments that serve alcohol is not the answer.  If nothing else, you eliminate jobs and take away a major piece of the unique NYC nightlife.  And the city doesn't need that at this time.   (Photo: A. Causi, NY Post)

Drink up New York!