BREAKING NEWS: Apparently the Hoboken St. Patrick's Day Parade has been cancelled.  Yes, collect yourselves boys and girls.  The infamous "parade" that usually takes place the first Saturday in March has been called off by the parade committee, due to "inability to protect spectators, bands and participants...".  Protect them from what?  Themselves?

I'm sure the bars and restaurants in Hoboken will take a HUGE financial hit on this but why do I have a strange suspicion that "the show will go on" in Hoboken anyway?  Call it a gut feeling.

PLAYOFF FOOTBALL PREDICTIONS:  As we head into the NFL Divisional Playoff Weekend, here are my predictions for the four games.  Go with them at your own risk (wink, wink):

SATURDAY: New Orleans vs San Francisco (4:30p):  My prediction:  New Orleans 24  San Fran 13.
New England vs Denver (8pm):  My prediction: New England 38 Denver 10.

SUNDAY: Baltimore vs Houston (1pm): My prediction: Houston 21 Baltimore 17.
New York Giants vs Green Bay (4pm): My prediction: Green Bay 31 NY Giants 27.

Once again, roll with my picks if you want to but don't shoot me if you lose!  We'll be showing all of the playoff games (w/audio) and we're hosting a NY Giants Viewing Party on Sunday where we'll be raffling off some cool NY Giants swag (like those pretty nifty beer coolers to the right)!  Drink specials throughout the day and following the game, stick around for the NY Rangers vs the Montreal Canadiens on Sunday night!  Most of you have Monday off so hopefully we'll be celebrating all night long!

SPECIAL NOTE:  We're hosting a private event tonight from 6:30-10:30pm, which means we'll be closed to the public for a couple of hours.  We'll reopen after 10:30pm and party all night long!

See you this weekend!  And make sure you don't let Friday the 13th get you down!


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