Last night I'd planned on taking the night off because I wasn't feeling well.  So while laying in bed I found that I couldn't sleep due to the loudness of the bar below, so I ended up going into work anyway.  It's just as well that I did because I ended up meeting up with a good friend from the old Hamptons/ Turtle Bay days, Rick Dignus.  We reminisced over the old bar days and talked about what he's currently doing  (living the good life in Virginia).  While this was going on, I couldn't help but to notice this loud, drunken Frat Boy who kept trying to get the attention of the bartenders.

At first I thought he was trying to get their attention for a drink.  Then I noticed that he was a little drunk and simply wanted attention.  When the bartenders refused to give in to his awkward and stupid advances, I gave the signal to cut him off.  When it came time to sign out his bar tab, he made a bit of a fuss, then tried to plead his way out of getting cut off.  When that didn't work for him, he became a bit belligerent.  At that point me and my doorman moved in to "escort" him out.

Of course, he didn't take too kindly to being asked to leave so at first he wouldn't budge,  But as we moved in to "help" him out of his chair, he realized we were serious.  So to "make a statement", he thought it would make him look cool to kick his stool out towards us. That went over like a fart in church and next thing you know, he's being swept out the door faster than President Obama at a Republican fundraiser.

Naturally he didn't take kindly to being bounced (as would most Frat Boys as they are never wrong).  He challenged my doorman to a one-on-one fight in the middle of the street, "To see who the real man was"; when that didn't happen, he turned his attention to me and demanded to know why he was kicked out.  When I told him he went over the line by being belligerent and touching my bartenders, he of course, denied ever doing any of those things, despite having practically the whole bar witnessing it.  When he couldn't sway me, he decided he'd try to piss me off by calling me a fat n****r (as drunken Frat Boys who been tossed out of our bar have done in the past).  Yay, here we go again (and I thought we lived in a progressive city).  And of course, he ran across the street as soon as he said it and began mouthing off from there- a safe distance from me and my doorman.

When I didn't give in to his feeble attempts to lure me into a fight, he got frustrated and finally staggered off into the night.  Drunken jackass.

I seriously should have stayed in bed.

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