As I slowly recover from a fierce bout of the flu, I can't help but to get excited about the upcoming Super Bowl.  We're now less than a week away from the Big Game and all of the media hype begins today.  The New England Patriots arrived in Indianapolis yesterday and the NY Giants are due to land there today.  The frenzy that comes with Super Bowl Week is something that usually drives me nuts, but because the NY Giants are involved this year, I'll tolerate it because at the end of the day, it's good for business.

Media Day is the event that makes me shake my head the most.  To watch the players being herded about like cattle for reporters from all over the world and being asked such mundane questions like "What color underwear will you be wearing on Super Bowl Sunday?"....You can't help but to say to yourself, "Seriously?".  But again, it's part of what hypes up the Big Game and we get sucked into it.

Then you got the nutty prop bets that pop up all over the place.  Sure you have your usual crazy bets like "How long will the National Anthem be?" or "What will the first score of the Super Bowl be (TD, FG, Safety)?".  But then you'll start to see the bizarre bets such as "How many dancers will Madonna have during her halftime performance?" or "The (over/under) total number of viewers watching the Super Bowl?".  Again, we'll laugh about it but it's all part of the hype to suck you into the Big Game and of course, we totally find ourselves getting into it.

So as we navigate our way through the mounds of hype for the Big Game this week, take most of it with a grain of salt and get yourselves ready for the real deal this Sunday, February 5th.  Whether you watch the game with us at Third and Long or you gather with a group of friends at someone's house, you can be sure that this is going to be a great Super Bowl.

TONIGHT:  Catch a great NCAA Hoops doubleheader (Pitt vs West Virginia, 7pm followed by Missouri vs Texas, 9pm) during our "Monday Night Unwind" ($2 Domestic Draft mugs and 2-for-1 Wine by the Glass)!

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