Ever since Monday Night Football ended about a month ago, we've seen our Monday nights slow down a bit.  That's understandable considering that the football games were the main attraction of the evening.  That being said, it seems that as of late, we've found ourselves dealing with a new phenomenon of sorts: Females who for lack of a better term, are what I like to call a "Hot Mess".  They come in and within a few minutes, find themselves getting into animated situations, whether it be via conversations, outbursts or  exhibiting other strange behaviors.  So while the night itself may not be the best, financially, it definitely ranks up there as far as sheer entertainment value goes.

Last night was another example of this phenomenon.  A nutty blonde blew into the bar late night and immediately planted herself right in the middle of their conversation.  Some good natured banter followed and next thing you know, the guys have this girl doing wheel barrel races across the bar.  She takes it a step further and decided to show everyone her breakdancing skills.  All the while screaming at the top of her voice about how she's the hottest 31 year old actress in Murray Hill.  Annoying!

All was fun and games for her until the guys got tired of her antics and began ignoring her.  After about five minutes of whining and ranting from her about not getting any respect from the guys, she eventually stormed off into the night.  Just another episode of "Hot Mess Mondays"....

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It's a great night to be at THIRD and LONG!


FHPromos said...

Never a dull moment my friend. Never a dull moment.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love those drunk broads. They tend to give head more often than sober girls.

B to the...