Just as quickly as we make it through the NY Giants Super Bowl victory and the antics of Victor Cruz, we find ourselves dealing with another phenomenon: JEREMY LIN of the NY Knicks.  Plucked out of obscurity (and off of his brother's couch, apparently), this young man has taken Manhattan by storm, with three magnificent games in a row.  Now he's the "Flavor of the Week" and NY fans are going bonkers over him.

How long can his impressive streak of games continue?  There's still a ton of games left in the NBA season and I'm sure that eventually he'll cool down. But in the meantime, you do what any practical New Yorker would do: Ride the wave!

That being said, join us tonight as we showcase Mr. Lin and the Knicks as they face off vs the LA Lakers and Kobe Bryant (8pm, w/ audio); We'll really get to see what the new phenom has to offer.

TOMORROW: Six Nations Rugby continues with IRELAND vs FRANCE (3pm) and we'll carry the match live.  Also join us for the NY Rangers vs Philadelphia Flyers (1pm) NY Islanders vs LA Kings and NJ Devils vs Florida Panthers (also 1pm)!  Then check out Toronto vs Montreal (7pm) and enjoy $4 Molson, Labatt Blue & Alexander Keith's (7pm-11pm).


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