Over the past few weeks I've noticed that we're getting more and more new faces to the bar to watch basketball and hockey games.  While that's great for the bar, it must be frustrating for you, the consumer who pay already outrageous prices for digital cable TV, only to have your hoops and hockey fix stonewalled by Time Warner.

If you've been hiding under a rock for the last month or so, cable provider Time Warner and Madison Square Garden Network (home of the NY Knicks, Rangers,  Islanders and NJ Devils) have been at a stalemate over carrier fees.  As a result, unless you had DirecTV or find yourself at your local watering hole, you haven't been able to watch your teams in the comfort of your home.  And from the looks of things, the stalemate will continue for the foreseeable future.

So, if you are dying to watch the Rangers, Knicks, Devils and yes, the Islanders, you can count on us having your games on here at Third and Long.  You won't be deprived here and you may even make some new friends with fellow displaced NY sports fans.

TONIGHT: NY Rangers vs Tampa Bay Lightning, NY Islanders vs Montreal Canadiens, NJ Devils vs St. Louis Blues (7pm), L.A. Lakers vs Boston Celtics (8pm)

$4 Molson Canadian, Alexander Keith's (drafts),  and Labatt Blue (bottles) are up for grabs during our weekly "Hockeymania" special (5pm -10pm)!

AND FINALLY: It's National Bagel & Lox Day. To celebrate, I think you should bring me one.


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Anonymous said...

the MSG-TWC standoff is beyond frustrating, but thanks to you guys for being a hockey bar and having a friendly enough staff to accommodate all of our viewing needs. Let's Go Devils - dubS