With the crazy schedule of baseball, basketball and the NHL Playoffs, it's easy to forget about the other things that are being offered at the bar.  One of the things we want to remind people of is our "MAD MEN" Sundays, where we air live broadcasts of the brilliant AMC drama, "MAD MEN".  Season 5 is only a few weeks old, however, it's been great (and sometimes bizarre) thus far.  The gang at Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce have kept viewers on their toes and we've enjoyed every minute of it so far.  So if you are a fan of the show, feel free to join us every Sunday night at 10pm as we take in the latest antics of the ad firm (w/audio, of course)!

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU... It's a bright, sunny afternoon and you're walking down Third Avenue and all of a sudden, you see a weird looking vehicle driving down the street with a strange circular contraption on its rooftop.  You don't think anything of it... until you begin receiving emails from your friends claiming you've been sighted on GOOGLE MAPS!  Just ask MR. LOW-KEY...

ANYONE catch the Space Shuttle fly-by this morning?  Apparently NASA is donating one of the Space Shuttle planes to New York City and with that, the Shuttle was "escorted" into NYC this morning, did a fly-by above Manhattan before landing at JFK Airport... Here's a pretty cool photo of the Shuttle flying by the Statue of Liberty, taken by one of our regulars, YOUNG JEDI!  Pretty majestic, wouldn't you say?  Just another thing I'll add to the "Bucket List of Things I'll Never Get Around to Visiting While Living in New York".

AND FINALLY.. Leave it to SILENT BOB to come across another witty website to allow us to poke fun at ourselves.  In this day/age of social media, we're always on the quest to find the coolest thing to sign up with.  You're guilty of it, I certainly am, and the latest thing that many of us find ourselves obsessed with is KLOUT, a social measuring device to show how "influential" you are.

Now comes a site that mocks KLOUT and everything it stands for.  It's called Klousehbag and quite frankly, it's hilarious and in essence, gives you a humorous reality check, if you are the type that gets caught up in status-related social media stuff like Klout, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  Check it out, have a laugh at yourself and move on with life.  Though I must admit, this site might crush some egos.

That's all I got for ya.  Enjoy the weekend!


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