That was the cry over the weekend when New York sports fans realized that the NY Rangers AND Knicks would be playing Game 1 of their respective series AT THE SAME TIME!  While it's great to see the Rangers and Knicks playing in the playoffs, it wasn't cool to have them both playing at the same time, especially if you are a sports bar.

Ideally you'd like to have both teams playing separately so that you can maximize your crowds at two different times.  However, with both teams playing at the same time, not only do you have to deal two separate crowds jockeying for space and TV's,  you also have to deal with fans of both TV's arguing over what team should get the audio feed.  A royal headache.

This is what we faced on Saturday and I ended up making the ultimate decision to put the audio on the NY Rangers game instead of the NY Knicks game and as it turned out, I made the right call.  The Knicks ended up getting blown out by the Miami Heat (by 33 points), while the Blueshirts played an entertaining yet closer game, winning 3-1 over Washington.  We face the same dilemma tonight, with both NY teams playing at the same time and we will probably go with the same set up once again.   So if you plan on joining us for the games, as always, I suggest that you get here early and claim a good spot, because once the games begin, the TV's will be locked in.

Speaking of the NHL, it appears that they really like what we've done in support of the sport, as they have been sending a lot of cool swag our way.  Of course, what we get, you get,  so keep checking in with us for the playoffs and enjoy the various giveaways we have planned for you!

TODAY: Battle of Manchester (Man United vs Man City, 2:30p).  This match should for all intent and purpose, decide the English Premier League title.  In the first match between the two clubs, Manchester City gave United their worst loss in 56 years, 6-1.  Manchester United will be looking for the ultimate revenge in this highly-anticipated rematch.  Should be great!  ($3 Bud/Bud Light and Estrella Damn during the match)

TONIGHT: NY RANGERS & KNICKS Viewing Party!  Enjoy $2 Domestic Drafts and 2-for-1 Wine by the Glass all night and cheer on the locals!

AND FINALLY: Pub Trivia has been rescheduled to THURSDAY this week, same time (8pm), same great prizes and drink deals!  Adjust your calendars and get the troops there this Thursday night!


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