I think I may have gotten that backwards but with the crappy weather we've had the last couple of days, it's probably easy to go with that title.  Then again, I shouldn't complain with the breaks we've gotten so far this year, weather-wise.  I'll take a bit of drizzle any day.

I'm currently watching the press conference announcing the new GM of the Montreal Canadiens, Marc Bergevin.  While the focus here in NYC is on the NY Rangers & NJ Devils, I still have an eye on our adopted team, the Habs and what they are doing in preparation for next season. And as I listen to the owner, Geoff Molson speak about the new GM and what he's looking to achieve next season, I can't help but to think about the cool gesture he did for the bar by sending us a game-used jersey as a thank-you for giving Habs fans here a place to watch their games.  I wish nothing but success to Bergevin and hope that he restores the Habs to its former glory.

In the meantime, nice job last night by the NJ Devils on a huge win over Philadelphia, on the road! While the fanbase for the Devils isn't as large as what we'd normally get for Rangers games, they are indeed very passionate about their team and anytime the Devils win, it's great for their hardcore fans.

As for the NY Rangers, they play Game 3 tonight (7:30p w/audio) against Washington.  After what happened in Game 2, it became readily apparent that this is going to be a tough series. And those are always fun to watch.  So, join us tonight for Game 3- it should be a great game with great drink specials ALL NIGHT!

PLEASE NOTE: Pub Trivia has been rescheduled to TOMORROW NIGHT (8pm)! Plan accordingly!

NEWSFLASH: Just heard the tragic news on the death of Junior Seau.  Sad to hear, especially if the reports are true regarding death by suicide.  He was a warrior on the field, one of the best ever to play the position of linebacker.  My condolences to the family on such a tragic loss.

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