114:41.  That was the number of minutes and seconds to decide who would win last night's EPIC Game 3 matchup between the NY Rangers and Washington Capitals.  Throughout the NHL playoffs I had been hoping for a multiple OT playoff game, but I didn't think it would involve the Rangers.  Their overtime history of late hasn't been that great so when they went into the first OT, I'm pretty sure Ranger fans were feeling a bit.. tense.

As each OT played out, there were plenty of opportunities for both teams to score that elusive goal, but fine defensive play and a couple of lucky breaks allowed the game to continue.  And at the end of each intermission, everyone made a break to the bathroom or outside for a stress-calming smoke.  This continued through two overtime periods.  And finally, with 5:19 left in the 3rd OT, the Rangers finally broke through and scored the game-winning goal, much to the delight of the fans (and casual observers) at the bar.

Great win for the Blueshirts!  Game 4 this Saturday (12:30pm)

PUB TRIVIA TONIGHT (8pm)!  Join us!


Anonymous said...

you realize that the devils-panthers game 7 was a double OT game, so technically that was multiple overtimes. LET'S GO DEVILS!

swandad said...

Technically you are right. I stand corrected. :)