If you were watching last night's intense game between the NY Rangers and the Washington Capitals, you probably rode the ultimate roller-coaster ride of emotions, going from the high of highs, to the low of lows.  It's been that kind of series.  And to watch the Rangers pull out victory from what was certain defeat and inch their way closer to the NHL Eastern Conference finals... well you can't help but to wonder if this is indeed a season of destiny.  They keep finding ways to pull out win after win and with the NJ Devils on the verge of eliminating the Philadelphia Flyers, could we have ourselves an Eastern Conference rematch between the Rangers and the Devils?  More importantly, could destiny give us a repeat of 1994?

If we do get a Devils/Rangers Eastern Conference final, I'm not certain if the result would be the same as it was in 1994, but I can say with certainty that both sides of the Hudson River will be ROCKIN'! And that would be great to see!

But first things first: The NJ Devils have to nail down one more game tonight vs Philadelphia, IN Philly, and you know for a fact that the Flyers and their fans will not go quietly.  Should be an intense game!   Of course, we'll have the game on most of our 12 HDTV's so make sure to join us!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Rangers & Knicks playing on Wednesday, PUB TRIVIA has been rescheduled to Thursday night (8pm).

TONIGHT: "Craft Brew Tuesdays" (5pm-close).  Enjoy $3 pints of great micro brews from Long Trail, Magic Hat, Lagunitas, and Brooklyn, just to name a few!  Also enjoy $4 Molson Canadian, Coors Light and Labatt Blue during the Devils/Flyers game!


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