Game 4 of the NJ/NY NHL playoff series finally gave us a game that we're familiar with between the two teams: a gritty, physical game where things finally got chippy.  There is no blood lost between the two teams and up to this point the two teams had been careful not to resort to brawling.  But it was only a matter of time before frustrations would boil over- you could see it coming.  And while tempers did indeed boil over, it was the NJ Devils who took advantage of the opportunities given to them as they played their most dominant game to date, defeating the NY Rangers, 4-1 and knotting the series at two games a piece.  The always pivotal Game 5 takes place on Wednesday night back at MSG and for once, I can feel the confidence starting to grow among Devils fans. I am also starting to sense the same thing from hockey pundits as the NJ Devils have (for the most part) outplayed the #1 seeded Rangers through most of this series.  Game 5 should be intense!

In checking the playoff schedule, please note that Game 6 takes place this Friday and Game 7 (if necessary), takes place on Sunday night.  Normally we're closed on the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, however, if there is a Game 7, we will be opened for the game.

ON ANOTHER NOTE..I know I don't delve into the NBA playoffs too often here, however, last night I did happen to catch the OKC vs LAL game and watched the Thunder dismantle the Lakers, eliminating them from the playoffs.  Am a witnessing the "Changing of the Guard" here folks?

In the meantime, the Miami Heat are having their own issues in trying to take out the Indiana Pacers, but it's proven to be more difficult than they imagined.  They face each other in Game 5 tonight and you can catch that game here.

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AND FINALLY:  Tomorrow is the day that the ladies of NYC have been waiting for:  It's the start of FLEET WEEK!  Thousands of sailors and military types invade the Big Apple for a week of activities and for many of them, it's their first time to NYC.  If you encounter one of them in your travels, make sure you thank them for a job well done and maybe buy 'em a beer!

SPECIAL NOTE: Pub Trivia takes place on Thursday (8pm)!


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Anonymous said...

There's also no love lost between the Rangers and Devils fans. LET'S GO DEVILS!