This kind of thing would only happen in my neck of the city.  I wake up this morning and after taking care of a few work-related calls and issues, I open my window to get a sense of what the weather would be.  (It was already hot and muggy).  Everything looked normal otherwise, so I jumped into the shower and when I came out,  I get back to the bedroom only to notice a fire truck parked across the street.  So I go to the window to see what happened and.... whoa!  The tree in front of the apartment building directly across from me had toppled over for no apparent reason.  There were no signs that a vehicle had hit it or anything like that.  It simply fell over.

The FDNY were called in and they had to shut down East 35th Street while they dismantled the fallen tree.  I don't think anyone got hurt.  Still, talk about freaky....

On another note, while we were watching the the FDNY do their work, we think we may have had a minor celebrity sighting:  ROSE LESLIE, who played the character Ygritte, the mountain wilding from the hit TV series, Game of Thrones.  She was casually walking by the bar with a couple of her friends and she definitely look cute.  And definitely a redhead (my personal fav)!

The LONDON OLYMPICS are a few days away and I'm FINALLY starting to get into the mood for the event.   In years past, I'd be stoked for everything related to the Games, from the opening ceremonies, to the most obscure events.  But for some reason, I haven't caught the Olympic bug yet.  Maybe it's the lack of advertising of this year's Games (or maybe I'm just missing it)?  Who knows, I'm just not feeling it so far.

In any case, I'm looking forward to the Women's Marathon, of all things, as we know a young lady (Des Davila) who has a pretty good shot of medaling in the event.  I think she's scheduled to run on Sunday, August 5, so if you're up early and watching the Olympics on that day, make sure to pull for her!

TONIGHT: Enjoy quality craft beers from brewers like LAGUNITAS, HARPOON, LONG TRAIL, MAGIC HAT, & SHIPYARD for only $3/pint during "CRAFT BREW TUESDAYS" (5pm -close)!  And while you're here, catch Team USA's last tune-up basketball game vs Spain (4:30pm)!  Should be interesting as both teams are already shit-talking each other, and the Olympics haven't even started yet!


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So, if the tree fell and you didn't see it, did it make a sound?

Wait, I think I fucked up that riddle...

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