I was going to write an update on how mundane my weekend was but I was pleasantly surprised by the turn of events that took place on the NYC sports scene today.

The New York Rangers made a big splash by trading for highly touted All-Star RW, RICK NASH.  In getting this stud scoring machine, the Rangers gave up a package of players, including Brandon Dubinsky, Artem Anisimov, prospect Tim Erixon and a #1 draft pick.

The Columbus Blue Jackets had been holding teams hostage over the last several months, trying to hold out Nash for the best possible offer, and after all this time (with much respect to the players that got traded), this was the best deal they could get?

I've given Rangers President Glen Sather crap about a multitude of things over the years, but in this case, (on the surface at least), this was a great deal for the Rangers.  Dubinsky & Anisimov, in my opinion, crowd favorites as they were, won't produce as much as Nash could.  The #1 pick?  Meh... that would be a late rounder anyways.  The X-factor in this deal is Erixon,  and only time will tell how he will pan out.

You know what you have in Nash, an established star who could flourish here, especially with the millstone of having to be "THE GUY" taken off of his shoulders. That could be scary.  The Rangers still need to get a center but this deal certainly helps their offensive situation in a big way.

Well played, Grand Wizard Sather... well played.

TONIGHT: Talk about what went down with the NY Rangers today during "Monday Night Unwind" ($2 Domestic Drafts, 2-for-1 Wine/Sangria by the Glass & $5 Sixpoint Cans)!  Ranger fans are feeling pretty good today, that's for sure!

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