Today marks the beginning of the end.  Yes, the last "unofficial" week of the Summer Season begins today and runs through the upcoming Labor Day Weekend.  And of course, what better way to start off the last week of Summer than with a torrential downpour, right at lunchtime.  It rained so hard, it even drove the dear Professor off the street, which you almost never see!

With the last week of the summer, you usually find the streets of NYC quieter than usual.  The locals are away, trying to take advantage of the last few days at the beach.  Which leaves us with tourists, college students back to school and bridge/tunnel types, looking to take advantage of an empty city.  Definitely a mixed bag.

Some things to look forward to:  The US Open kicks off today in Queens, and that's always a treat.  With the US Open, we get our fair share of tennis fans in town to check out the matches, and of course, we always look forward to our annual visit from JAMES BLAKE and his infamous "JBlock" Crew; They are a fun and entertaining group.

Another sign that summer is about to end: College football officially kicks off this Thursday with a full slate of games, as well as a couple of interesting matchups this weekend, including NOTRE DAME vs NAVY (in Dublin), and ALABAMA vs MICHIGAN in Cowboys Stadium.

Sadly, one additional thing takes place this week.  It's AMY SMART's last week with us here at Third and Long, after four great years.  During that time, she has consistently been one of our most popular bartenders, among the patrons and staff alike.  Her charm and wit will be missed dearly.  So if you are around between now and Wednesday, make sure you stop by and say goodbye to one of the good ones.  She'll appreciate the well-wishes!  And if you are around this Wednesday, make sure to join us for a special edition of Pub Trivia, where the theme for the night will be MUSTACHES, in tribute to AMY SMART's favorite fetish.  And we encourage everyone to wear a 'stache (real or otherwise), which will entitle you to special drink deals all night long!  Should be a great send-off!

TONIGHT: "MONDAY NIGHT UNWIND" ($2 domestic drafts, 2-for-1 Wine/Sangria all night)!  MLB Package, NY Yankees vs Toronto Blue Jays and CFL Football (Toronto vs Edmonton), plus more US Open action!


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