It's Super Bowl Weekend and the hype machine has already kicked into high gear.  Every sports channel you turn to, whether it be ESPN, NBC Sports Network, MSG, SNY, etc. the talk of the day is SUPER BOWL.  Between now and kickoff on Sunday night, this game will be covered from every conceivable angle.  And by kickoff, you will be totally sick of the game before the game even starts.

That being said, the game itself presents a compelling matchup between two well-coached teams.  I anticipate a lower-scoring Super Bowl game, and the outcome of the game will fall on TWO factors: 1) SF quarterback Colin Kapernick.  He is indeed the "X" factor leading up to the game.  Quite simply: Which Colin will we see on Sunday?  Will he produce another highlight-reel game like he did versus Green Bay?  Or will Baltimore's defense find a way to stifle his game and produce mistakes?  2) The kicking game.  In this game you have two kickers going in opposite directions.  Baltimore has a rookie kicker (Justin Tucker) who has been nothing short of phenomenal this season.  While David Akers of the 49ers just suffered through the worst season of his career, finishing in the bottom half of the league in kicking.  This will determine the outcome of the game.

So with that, here's my prediction:


Ray Lewis will end his career on a high note, thanking God, Jesus, Allah, The Dali Lama and anyone else who will listen.

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